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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

monocular vision

Sometimes, life is just too hard.
Often times, I am asked how I am able to manage a kid, husband, work and school.  My normal answer is one day at a time.  If I spent my time trying to figure out the "how" I would never have time for the "do" - so instead, I don't question it...I just do it.  
Until a day like today.
The hubs, little one and my favorite 17 year old sister are with me all week.  It's great.  
My computer had to have it's hard drive replaced and my external hard drive is not willing to release it's contents to my new hard drive.  Not so great.
My dear friend had her long awaited court date today.  Everything was looking good.  The lawyer said that she was confident things would work out well.  Custody of her 3 sweet girls would definitely be supervised.  Things would be better for the girls.  They would be safe from their father who hurt them in such evil ways. 
Then, somehow today, things fell apart.  The lawyer did her job.  My friend and my father testified and testified well.  Things looked great.  The judge even stated that the lawyer "won her case" - but he also stated that "he wanted to believe the father" - so standard custody was awarded.  Until Derrick proved him wrong.
Yep, you read it right.  The father who hurt his 3 beautiful baby girls in such evil ways has been given a free pass.  The father who uses more prescription pain pills than one could ever be prescribed has been given the ability to see his girls unsupervised.  Without proof of a clean drug test.  He can drive them around even though he has numerous driving warrants in his home state.   He can do all of this without paying child support.  In fact, since he has only made 3 payments in the last 3 years, the judge decided to cut his payments in half, so that he could hopefully make that amount.
My favorite part - he got to see them tonight.  1 hour after the judge signed his orders.  Those precious girls, who haven't seen their father more than once in over 3 years, were placed in his car and required to spend time with him.  They cried, they didn't want to go.  But, they were not given a choice. Their mom was bound by the court to allow this to happen.
I just don't even know what to say.  I know that our judicial system was set up to protect the innocent, but I don't see how any of this is in the interest of these 3 beautiful girls. This was a Judicial FAIL in the Stephenville court system.
I could think of numerous things that I would want to say to Derrick, or questions to ask the Judge, but none of them would really convey how I feel.  
So, instead, I will go to the One who can make a difference.  I will pray for "monocular vision" - I want to see with one eye only.  

I want to see His beauty, because everything else is just ugly.