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Monday, November 29, 2010

where did November go?

This month has been insane!  House purchasing is not for the weary.
Just saying.
We are still thankful for faith that God will place us just where He wants us.  (Hopefully it will be the house we currently have a contract on!)
The little one is doing great - becoming crazier and crazier every single day.  I love it!
The hubs is headed to the Wild at Heart Advanced Boot Camp on Thursday.  I'm so excited for him.  If his recent "earthly" struggles are any indication, God has a lot in store for him this weekend! "Earthly" struggles such as computer failures 30 minutes before his paper is due, small accidents in the starbucks parking lot on a magnificent Monday morning, schedule issues at work, etc.
{For those of you who are worried: thankfully, an extension was given for the homework, no coffee was harmed when the car was hit, and the scheduling conflicts will work themselves out when he is in Colorado later this week.}
Please pray for him as he prepares for this amazing weekend.  That his mind will not worry about the craziness of home, that his heart will be open to what God has for him, for the friendships that he will build and for safety throughout his journey to Colorado and back!
We appreciate all of your prayers about the house.  I'm hoping that we have a more definite answer by the end of this week.  I'll keep you all posted!
I have lots of stories and pictures to share, but between work, school, family and home buying, there's not much room for blogging.
Hoping to get caught up fairly soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

just trust.

We've been trying to get a house.
We found one, but it wouldn't pass FHA
We found another, but we couldn't agree on a price.
Then, we found the perfect one.
It's been a interesting process.
We were pre-approved.
We made offers back and forth and finally agreed on a price.
We were waiting for closing.
The hubs spent the entire day with the home inspector.
The home inspector was very impressed with the house.
Impressed with the stability of the home.  Of it's foundation.
That's what I wanted.  A stable, old home on a good foundation.
We thought we were on the downhill side.
Today, we received a message that the FHA guidelines changed and that our pre-approval was no longer valid.
I don't understand the home buying process.
Nor do I want to.
But, I understand that He loves me unfathomably.
He has a perfect plan for me.
For my family.  For where we will rest our head each night. For where we will find the extra funds.
I pray that His plan involves this house.
I pray that tomorrow we get much happier news.
But, no matter what - He loves me.
More that I can ever understand.
And He will provide.
I don't need to understand.
I just need to trust.

Thankful for:
  • 435. shiny, mermaid colored toenail polish
  • 436. fizzy Dr Pepper
  • 437. Cool nights
  • 438. Warm Blankets
  • 439. Squishy pillows
  • 440. family pictures
  • 441. the knowledge that I am not the one in charge...He is.
  • 442. not having to work on Thanksgiving...or the day after
  • 443. cute, cold noses
  • 444. a titanium band that reminds me of love despite craziness
  • 445. an impish smile covered in melted ice cream
  • 446. a floor covered in melted ice cream.  it screams of fun that was had by a little one
  • 447. friends far away who send notes that brighten my day.

Monday, November 8, 2010

House Buying and Kids Smiling

We are trying to buy a house.
It's a very cool house with very wonderful wood floors and a fabulous back yard for the Puddleducks.
The kitchen is wonderfully retro and big enough to move around.
It doesn't have a lot of bedrooms, but it has tons of playrooms.
And, tons of storage for all my crafts and such.  Which makes my hubby very happy.
We are waiting to hear back on the final offer that was given.
A long time ago, I prayed for patience.
Evidently, I still don't have much of it.
I have decided that house purchasing is not on my top ten list of things I like.

But, seeing my little one smile is definitely on the top of that list.
I'm just saying.