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About the Puddleduck Bunch

We are a bunch of "Puddleducks" - muddy, sometimes happy, sometimes clueless, little children of an always gracious, loving, forgiving and patient Father.  We are so thankful for His love and patience with us on a daily basis.  He is there, with His arms open wide, when we are aimlessly splashing about in life. We are thankful for His daily gifts and are learning to see them in our everyday life.  I'm recording the gifts on here, as a way to help us consciously recognize them.  It is a fun and humbling task to recognize all that He does for us on a daily basis.  My prayer is that our kiddos will grow up acknowledging His gifts in their daily life.  The idea of chronicling my daily gifts came from The Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience.  I highly recommend you checking out Ann's site - if you spend some time there, you will not be the same... 

As for this blog, I am the main girl around here -
Daughter to the One and Only. 
Wife to a godly, patient husband who is continually studying, working, teaching and loving us...
Mummy to the much loved Little one and
Friend/Nanny/Cook/Entertainment to the family of fuzzy Puddleducks.

The little one is our precious little boy.  He was born "overly punctual" and has continued to rock his Mum's world since his arrival.  He is the sunshine of our days and is an "honorary" fuzzy Puddleduck.  Maggie Mae, the queen Mum to the “fuzzies”, thinks that the little one is hers...we don't have the heart to tell her the truth.  Although, one day, we will have to inform the little one that licking is not an acceptable form of saying hello...

I'm glad you came by and I hope that you enjoy the little glimpse into our craziness that we call everyday life.  Feel free to drop us a line - we would love to hear from you!