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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

way-back wordless wednesday

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and...we're off!

Tomorrow morning I embark on one of my longest trips I've ever been on.  Correction, the longest trip I've ever been long as you don't count the near year long stint as a nanny in Chicago.
Thankfully, the little one and hubs will be able to travel with me for parts of the trip - and on the other parts, I'll at least get to be in cool places. {part of my trip is to H-town, which is pretty much like home to me}
I just need to remain calm.
This week is the most stressful - we are doing a pre-Oscars event in LA. Prayers for peace are greatly appreciated.  Then, off to see my little sister at Fort Bragg get PROMOTED.  I'm so proud of her and thankful for the sacrifices she has made to serve in the military. Then- San Jose, Denver, Edwards, Vail, Aspen, Barcelona {YEP - SPAIN!}, H-town and Charleston, New York and then the middle of APRIL

deep breaths.

Thankful for:
the way clouds dance across the sky
frequent flier miles
dry cleaning services
friends near and far...doesn't matter the distance, I'm never home anyways :)
a husband who braves a park full of Nannys to let the little one play
soft little baby feet
freeze dried green beans and beets
air conditioning...and the thermostat to turn it off.
My Davide Nevue album that I purchased on iTunes
the hourly chime on my wrist, re-aliging my day, every hour. (thank you, Ann Voskamp)
my paid registration to the In the Image of the Maker can't come soon enough!

Friday, February 11, 2011

messy, messy...but cute...

While staying at a hotel, the little one discovered his love of mini-fridges and ice cream.
All at the same time.
In his Sunday best, patiently waiting for us to decide where to eat lunch.
Slightly melted, but still cool ice cream. yum.

On a totally different note, there is this AWESOME company named Toygaroo.  They are hosting a funny kids photo contest, and of course, we entered. We are all about funny over here.  Why else would this mum scream for her camera and tell the little one to keep eating the melted, but refrigerated ice cream, until she had about a zillion pictures of the beautiful, messy incident.
You should join in on the fun!  Feel free to enter your own picture and feel free to vote for my messy little one.  He'd appreciate it - the winner will receive a 3 month subscription to Toygaroo's wonderful service! What kid wouldn't want to have toys delivered to his home like a netflix DVD?

genius, I tell you...genius!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gratitude. My Scottsdale version...

There is something about Scottsdale that makes me smile.
Not sure what it is, but over the last 9 years that I have traveled to Scottsdale, something always makes me smile.  I could live here.  Not many places outside of Texas receive that award. Ha! :)

~Rabbits outside my door and aren't bothered by me standing there talking to them
~Camelback Mountain
~Bright, crispy blue skies
~Bright, beautiful sunset
~Carolina's flour tortillas {with butter}
~Cool, dark, starry nights
~Porch swings
~Trader Joes - NEXT door to my hotel room
~Surprisingly amazing pillows and linens in my steal of a deal hotel
~lizards and geckos...oh, how I wish they could talk...darn those geico commercials.

Monday, February 7, 2011


That seems to be our question for 2011.
We are fairly confident that we are not supposed to be in the house that we loved, seeing as how it is under contract with a different family.  
We fasted and prayed for clarity and guidance.
He answered.
and we are thankful for His answer.  
We want to be where He wants us to be. We want to follow His direction.
We will find out what that is, when He decides it is time.
We will keep praying for patience...and perseverance to follow His will.
Who knows - maybe we will move to Africa, South America or the South Seas...the little one would do well to grow up in a jungle...and the people there need to hear more about Jesus.
For right now, we will hang onto His promises.  {and take our living situation one day at a time...}
On a different, yet similar note...I am in an Educational Philosophy class this spring and it is amazing.  I am having to create my personal Educational Philosophy and the first few weeks are directed at what I believe.  More specifically, what I believe to be truth.  
Perfect timing...participating in this class during a season of life when lots of things are up in the air.  
I may not know a lot of things, but I know that God loves me, cares for me and has plans for me. He knows where we will live and He promises me an amazing life with Him.  Our life here on earth may not always be peaches and sunshine, but it is shaping us into who He wants us to become.  
I love the encouragement from Hebrews 10:23: 
"Let us hold firmly to the hope that we have confessed, because we can trust God to do what he promised."  
This is what I want to teach my kiddo...and as I am learning, I need to live it in order to effectively teach it.  
My class involves a lot of reading and studying, but thankfully, I currently travel a lot of work and tend to have some down time in my hotel room at night.  Working away from home might not be my ideal thing, but right now,  I totally see God's hand at work through it.  
Due to all my travel, I am able to study at night from my hotel room. 
Just another example of Ecclesiastes 3 at work.  As a kid, my parents read this passage to us fairly often.  As a child, I did not necessarily like this passage. But, as I have {somewhat} grown up, I have learned to appreciate both the passage and my parents routine reading of it...

There is a time for everything.
And, I am really thankful for that promise.

Gifts from Him today:
~pig snorts from my sleeping little one on the drive to the airport
~sticky hands that grab my fingers
~a loving husband who is frequently a kind chauffeur
~spicy tomato juice. yum.
~Chapter One of One Thousand it with the Bloom Book Club and learning more the 2nd time.
~twinkling lights 30,000 feet below
~cold, brisk air- outside
~warm, crackling fire- inside
~bouncing, playful, loving puppies
~slobbery kisses from my furry creatures
~jealous looks from my little one to my puppies...I know we need to work on the jealousy part, but the little one's look was definitely a *gift*
~warm coats {on sale!}
~the smell of clean laundry
~a little bit more salt than normals on my french fries
~only 3 more nights and I will, once again, be back home...