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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Country Bobs and Relevant Conference

Ever heard of Country Bobs All-Purpose Sauce
I had not heard of it until about a month ago.  And, what a sad thing that was...
I've tried tons of different sauces - I'm a dipping kind of girl.  I've always liked having something to dip my food in...  In fact, when I was in college, my friends and I would "spice" up our college diet, by dipping crackers in different sauces.  Strange, yes. But, we were in college.  Does anything normal actually happen during those years?
Anyway.  Back to County Bobs.  So, I heard about it a month or so ago, and was excited to find it and to try some. But, the kind people at Country Bobs actually sent me some to try - Yipee!
When my husband brought me the box, I couldn't wait to try it.  The problem?  We were headed to a BBQ restaurant instead of having dinner at home.  So, I just threw the Country Bobs in my bag and off we went.  When my food arrived, I pulled out my little bottle of Country Bobs and tried it.  
It was pretty amazing. 
My husband refused to try it (at that moment) because he was a little horrified that I would bring my own sauce into the restaurant. Thankfully, he didn't stay horrified and instead just laughed when I said that he might need to protect me from the restaurant police.  Humor is always a good thing.
Needless to say, I did not get into trouble from the restaurant and I now have a favorite sauce!  I'm looking forward to trying it on something that we actually cook at home.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I'll even have a giveaway - then you can try some of this fabulous sauce for yourself.  And, even take it into a restaurant, if you so desire!  If you want to know more about Country Bobs right now - visit their Blog!  
Now, I bet you are wondering how I even found out about Country Bobs.  Well, I've love to tell you!
There is a blogging conference coming up this fall - The Relevant Conference.  Country Bobs is one of their sponsors.  I am hoping to be one of their attendees.  I made hotel reservations.  I'm hoping to get a ticket and somehow I'll find money for airfare.  I know that if it is suppose to work out, it will.  So, I'm praying about it and I'm happy knowing that if I need to be there, He will make it happen.  
I'm new to this blogging thing.  I've never been to a blogging conference.  Are you wondering why I would want to go? Well, I think that their mission statement explains it the best: 

"The Relevant Conference exists to offer a place of face to face interaction with Christian women bloggers who want to be relevant in the larger blog and social media world.  Our goal is to go beyond the surface into intentional blogging and real life living.  We support women turning their hearts toward home and using their blogs to bless their families while engaging the world for the glory of God. Relevant is a one-of-a-kind conference that seeks to engage women by teaching blogging techniques and social medial skill while also encouraging women to live fully integrated lives with their faith and family."
A place that will encourage me, teach me how to be a better blogger, unite me with other Christian women bloggers from all over and allow me to hear from some amazing women? Sign me up.
In case you didn't catch that last part, there are some ladies speaking who I really, really, really want to hear.  
Ladies whose blogs that have made me smile, made me think, helped me to be a better Mum, a better wife and have brought me closer to my Heavenly father.  I found out about the conference from one of my favorites, A Holy Experience.  I've posted about Ann's blog before, but I don't think I could point you to her enough. 

So, bottom line.  I'm pretty excited about The Relevant Conference and I'm hoping to be able to attend!
I'm also now starving, thanks to remembering how much I loved my Country Bobs sauce...

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, June 26, 2010

grateful for . . .

  • time well spent with a sweet friend (367)
  • laughter between mums (368)
  • a sparkle in the little one's eyes when he and his adorable friend play with bubbles (369)
  • God's grace (370)
  • blue skies (371)
  • mint Oreos (372)
  • Self control to not eat the whole package of aforementioned Oreos (373)
  • 4 top teeth and the new smile they created (374)
  • the little one's head resting on my chest (375)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RAW(e) - pets and animals

Have you ever heard of RAW(e)?  It is quite cool.
Sami @ Sailor and Company chooses a different RAW(e) theme every week - You should make a note to check out her blog.  Or, better yet - just do it right now!
This week's theme was perfect for me - Pets and Animals.  I'm out of town- missing my family, my dogs and especially my sweet Maggie Mae.  Tonight, I spent some time looking for some pictures of my little girlie.  
Looking for a picture of her was sad, but fun.  (Thankfully, I only have my laptop with me, so I didn't have tons of pictures to look at!) When looking at them I cried, but I laughed even more.  She and I had such fun together!  So, here is one of my favorite pictures of my crazy little girl...
Blessings today:
  • A great group of girls who I was blessed to spend the last 2 days with - I love my job, but days like today make it that much better!  (360)
  • Pictures of Maggie Mae - such a great way to remember her fuzzy little face! (361)
  • My little one is having a BLAST with his cousins - knowing this throughout the day keeps me smiling. (362)
  • The way the sun shines when setting on the Pacific (363)
  • Crisp, ocean breeze (364)
  • A beautiful bungalow that I have been blessed to stay in for the past 2 nights (365)
  • a little box of chocolates, waiting patiently on my pillow... (366)

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's been a rough few days. . .

Since I have been traveling so much, my little Maggie Mae has been staying at my parents.  For those of you who don't know her, she is my precious little shih-tzu.  On Saturday, I got a call from my mom that she was missing.  I diverted from my original plans and drove to my parents to find her.  It isn't normal for her to be away from the house, so I knew that this was not good.  The little one and I hiked all over searching for little Maggie Mae.  But, we couldn't find her.  The next morning, as we were leaving for church, Mom and I noticed birds circling in the air over the back hay field.  Not good.
My brother went searching and found her.  He is such a loving brother who understands my craziness with little Miss Maggie Mae.  He brought her back to the house and dug a grave for her.  He buried her in a beautiful spot - near the creek, in-between a few small trees.  Around noon, the sun shines straight through the trees and onto the rock on her grave.  It's really pretty.  I'm really thankful to have such a great brother.  
Maggie Mae and I have been through so much and I am going to miss her like crazy...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My flight finally took off and I made it to the reception.
My beautiful sister and her fabulous hubby were hitched and it was great.
More pics to come, but until then...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Flight NEEDS to Leave!

My sister is getting married at 6:30 tonight.  In Texas.
I was working in Florida this week and am headed her way.  The problem?  I'm still in Florida.
My flight was scheduled to take-off at 2:05, giving me just enough time to arrive, get my bags and car, change and drive the hour and a half to the church.
The best laid plans possible, due to my work schedule.
Evidently, American Airlines didn't get the memo.
So, here I am, sitting in the Orlando airport.  Praying for time to fly by...until I get on the plane and then I would like the plane to fly faster than time.  It's possible, right?
I'm glad I'm one of the people taking pictures at the wedding because after all the rushing I am going to do, I'm going to be a hot mess.  Seriously.
My hubs is waiting for me to arrive with his new shirt that I purchased for him to wear to the wedding and the little one has a new pair of Toms Shoes in my bag.
It is going to be close, but I have faith that it will work out...without that faith, I'd always be a hot mess.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Days of Crawling

This little one loves to crawl,
inside or outside,
laughing and smiling, while
racing to his Mummy.

He loves to crawl...that is, until he learns to walk.
Once he starts to walk, the activity in these pictures will only be a memory.

Thankful for:
  • Drool - it's like his photo signature.  It miraculously shows up in all pictures and always makes me smile (355)
  • Cranky old ladies who come in for facials even though they obviously don't want to be there.  Thankful for the reminder to pray. (356)
  • Fireworks every night at Sea World and being able to watch said fireworks from my hotel balcony (357)
  • Vegan buffalo chicken salad from Whole Foods - it is my newest favorite food (358)
  • 10 minute trainer - I might be able to finally shed some of this year old baby weight. (359)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cousins, pt 2

This is Frankie.  She is my sister's youngest daughter.  
She loves her Mimi and her Mommy.
She loves to make funny faces.
She loves to play outside
screaming and laughing
and overall, making me laugh.

My favorite thing about her?  Her heart - it makes me smile.

When the little one starts running around, the world will need to watch out.
Coming Soon - Cousins, part 3 featuring Frankie's older sister, Baby G!

runny noses and itchy eyes - reminders of the fun times we had outside (349)
the salty smell of the air right before a rain (350)
the way everything is in technicolor right before a storm (351)
window seats on a plane (352)
the sparkle in Frankie's eyes (353)
the way that Baby G watches out for and loves The Little One (354)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

i dance . . . well, someday

My friends and siblings have always made fun of me for my lack of rhythm.  Lack of rhythm is a kind way to put it.  Simply said, I can't dance.  I think that my reasons for not being able to dance are the same reasons that I can't speak spanish very well.  I'm not good at letting go and trying something that I know that I am not that talented at...
Simply put, I'm a slight control freak when it comes to myself.  I don't want to look or sound stupid, so I just try not to put myself in situations that have the chance of making me appear stupid.  Thus, no dancing or speaking spanish to anyone over the age of 5.
One of my goals this year was to learn to speak spanish to those over 5.  I took 3 years of spanish in Highschool and 3 years in colllege.  My head is full of vocabulary.  I can work my way through a spanish magazine or follow along while watching spanish TV.  I can carry on a pretty good conversation with a little one.  But, once you turn 6 - no more speaking spanish to you!
I work for a Spanish company and reside in Texas.  Those two points alone should be enough.   I'm working on it -  But, it's a s-l-o-w process.
I had no thought or intention of even touching the dancing situation, but then, thanks to Maggie, over at Gussy Sews, I found this website - i dance.  (I was looking at Gussy's adorable clutches, you should go look at them too!  They will bring a smile to your face.  But, my Gussy obsession is a whole different post.)
The i dance blog is a fun blog to look at - lots of bright colors and adorable fonts.  But, what got me was the description of their "revolution"- it hit home.  I too, want more conifdence, joy, and freedom -  as I read it, I realized that these things would help me at home, at work, with my husband, my little one and with speaking spanish!  I was sold.
So, I'm going to try it.  I tried lesson 1 this morning and ended up laughing my head off.  I seriously have no rhythm.
None.  Zilch.  Nada.
One thing I do have is perseverance.  So, I will try lesson 1 again tonight and then tomorrow and will keep it up.  I will learn.
I'm hoping that my sisters will join me - they are much more talented in the rhythm department, so maybe some of their rhythm will rub off, or at least my 2 left feel will make them laugh.
We shall see...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Little One Has a New Addiction

Updated:  The winner is BabeeLove - Please e-mail me your contact info so that I can pass it along to EcoMom!  You are going to love this stuff!!!

A Review and Giveaway...from my new favorite online store -
The little one and the concept of eating have had a long history.   He was around 5 1/2 weeks early and was as hard-headed as ever.  He knew that he was “overly punctual” and he had no intention of having to do any hard work before his original due date.  So, he stayed in Le Hotel NICU and refused to eat.  Cute as a bug, but stubborn as his mummy.  
Yea, fun times.
Fast forward to now.  He is a bottomless pit.  We are talking NO portion control. He loves food.  Eggplant, spinach, sweet potatoes, fish, black olives, feta cheese, avocados, squash, etc...  Wonderful foods - but, not the easiest to pack for travel.  As you all know, we are a traveling bunch.  We travel for work, to see family, and just for fun.  When traveling, we either go grocery shopping on the road or take pre-packaged baby food.  I always try to get organic food packaged in BPA free packaging.  I figure he’s going to be exposed to enough junk, I might as well try and keep his food choices clean as long as I can.  I’m always trying new things that I find at the grocery store wherever we are, but sometimes I get so frustrated when there aren’t any good options.  
Now, thanks to Eco-friendly Baby Products from EcoMom, my frustration is long gone.
EcoMom sells lots of fun, cool stuff.  Like this really awesome pirate ship that I think my son needs.  Or, this fabulous wood tea set that happens to be screaming the name of my niece.  I'm such a sucker for wood toys - and EcoMom has tons of them!
But, what I really love is that they sell different types of organic baby food and they will ship it to you.  
Did you hear that?  Yep, It was the hallelujah chorus. We’re that happy about this shipping idea. 
Due to that wonderful news, I will not have to search for an organic grocery store and then be sad when the city that I am staying in does not have one.  Instead, I will order from EcoMom and keep a stash at home, or have it shipped to wherever we are going.  Or, even order and have shipped to Camp Mimi when the little one eats all of their food. My point is - the food will now come to us, ready for travel in a moment’s notice. I know you are all wondering -  does this organic baby food even taste good?  Well, to answer that question, I went to the little one...and he was happy to be the guinea pig.  The super friendly people over at EcoMom sent us foods from both Revolution Foods and Plum Organics to try.  One word to describe all of the foods: de-lish! The little one liked all of them, but I think one of his favorites was the Blueberry, Pear and Purple Carrot from Plum Organics.  (He cried when this one was empty) 
On top of being de-lish, they are super good for the little one! 100% organic fruit and veggies, packaged in child safe, recyclable packaging. (no sharp edges)  The pouches that they come in are cool - they have screw top lids that you can reseal and place in the fridge for later. They also sell little spoons that you can screw on the pouch for super easy feeding.  But, my little one had a different idea.
I tried to take it away so that I could put it in a bowl and feed it to him in a respectable way.  He did not like that idea.  So, he ate it his way.  It was great, clean entertainment for the rest of us watching him eat.

He was just too cute sitting there eating his little Jammy Sammy like a big kid.  For those of you who did not click that link, a Jammy Sammy is a snackable, packable sandwich bar. 100% Whole grains, organic fruit spread, no trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients.  Just pure yummyness.  And adorableness
This was the first time that I gave him something big to eat without me cutting it into minuscule pieces first.  I was a little worried at first, but he did a great job.  The Jammy Sammy is very soft, so it was easy for him to bite and chomp with his gums. (it also tastes quite yummy - I'm going to have to keep these hidden from my husband)  I'm going to buy more of these just so that I can watch him eat them...  In fact, I think that all Mummy's should buy these just to watch your child eat them.  Seriously, I'm not sure there is anything cuter than a little wee one eating a Jammy Sammy. 
The, it was time to go out on the boat with Nana, Papa Tom, Uncle C, Mimi, Papa Joe, and his pouches of baby food.  Once the little one met these pouches of food, he was addicted and he wouldn't let go.

He is a fan of both the food and the packaging.  I'm a fan of the organic ingredients, the fun, simple packaging and the fact that EcoMom will ship all of it to me.
What other baby food packaging turns into a BPA-free toy once you eat the food?
When we got home from the boat, he was still playing with it.  I rinsed out the pouches and they are now with his other toys.  He's a cute yet strange kiddo.  It's a cute yet strange addiction.  
But I am his cute yet strange Mummy, so I guess peaches don't fall far from the tree.
I have a feeling that these foods will become a staple in our home. Fiddlesticks, Jammy Sammys, Mashups - all coming soon to a home near me!  I’m thinking about getting an EcoPass - it provides a 15% discount as well as FREE shipping for any purchase over $75. And, right now you will receive a free $50 gift card when you purchase the EcoPass!  I'm not sure how long this special will be going on, so click on over and get it now! 
Guess what? One of you lucky little ducks is going to win $20 worth of these foods so that your little ones can get addicted as well!  
To enter: 
  • Go look over the EcoMom website and come back here and leave a comment telling me what you like about their company or tell me which foods you would like to try. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address.  This entry must be completed before you complete any additional entries.
To get additional entries:
  • Follow this blog via Google Friends ( 1 entry)
  • Follow me on Twitter (1 entry)
  • Grab my button and put it on your blog (2 entries - leave 2 comments)
  • Tweet this: {#Win Revolution Foods or Plum Organic baby foods from @EcoMomCEO - @puddleduckbunch #giveaway ends June 20, 2010 } (1 entry per tweet - you can do this once per day - leave a comment each day that you tweet it!)
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Make sure that you leave a comment for each entry and don't forget your email address.  If you don't leave you email address, I won't have any way to contact you if you win!
This contest is open until June 20, 2010.  A winner will be chosen soon after through 
Can’t wait until then to try some foods?  
Go ahead and order some now - use this nifty little code SB004044 to save 15% off your first order!! 
This code is good through June 30, 2010

For my inquisitive readers :
Although EcoMom did give us products to try, 
we were not compensated for trying or reviewing these products.  
The opinions and aforementioned addictions are our own.