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Thursday, December 3, 2009


I've been traveling so much that when I am home, I've been hanging out with Augustus instead of being on here. I'll catch up, I promise!

Blessing 91 - my wonderful friend Yira! I don't get to work with her very often anymore, but when I do...Oh, do we have fun!

Blessing 92 - watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings with my husband. I love that he lets me cheer when the girl is told "You fool, no man can kill me" and she responds "I am NO man!" Seriously, one of my favorite movie scenes ever!

Blessing 93 - The fact that Nelsen can pull of the "creature" look so well. See, when we were leaving my parents house the other day, all of the dogs had burs and weeds beyond belief. The only way I could solve the problem was to shave them off. So, not I have dogs that look like strangely shaven creatures.

Blessing 94 - Jeremiah's AWESOME clippers. I've always tried grooming my dogs with clippers that I purchased from Sallys, Petsmart, or Walmart. No matter what I buy, they never work. Emphasis on NEVER. When Jeremiah saw what I was trying to do, and realized that it wasn't working - he brought me the COOLEST clippers ever! $300+ show clippers for the cows. Cordless. Sharp. Miracle workers. Did I say unbelievable? They clipped those burs off so fast and left the shaven patches velvety smooth. If only, I could get Nelsen to sit still and let me finish.

Blessing 95 - Coca-cola. Does that even need an explanation?

Blessing 96 - Baby smiles

Blessing 97 - Little scars on Gus' feet. They are a reminder to me of his days in the NICU and a constant reminder of what a wonderful God I serve.

Blessing 98 - Sophie the Giraffe. She is such a comfort for Augustus' poor, sore gums. Plus, I like the squeaky sound she makes.

Blessing 99 - Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie. Yira and I split one at lunch and it was divine.

Blessing 100 - Peppermint Boogie Wipes. What a pleasant thing to use to wipe a sore nose. Pleasant enough, in fact, to qualify for #100!

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