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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blessings in orlando...

106 - temperatures above 70
I love warm weather! 85 with low humidity is just about perfect.

107 - Spark...

It is an amazing drink mix from Advocare that keeps me kicking. Last night, I wasn't able to get to bed until around 5am and I needed to get up for work about 7:45. Thanks to Spark, the day went by quickly and I didn't even feel that tired.

108 - Fun people who God unites us with...

Last night, due to flight delays, I was put on a totally different flight than I had planned. One that arrived in Orlando much later than I had hoped. I had planned to get work done at my hotel. I had planned to relax and chill. I was bummed.
But, halfway into the flight - a sweet girl who wasn't feeling too well needed some help. She was traveling with her 8 month old and had some health complications mid flight. I was able to play and sing and pray with her sweet baby girl during the flight - I totally forgot about being bummed!
Once we landed, she was taken to the hospital and I went to find her mom (who was arriving on a different flight) and we went to the hospital. After a few hours of testing, they were able to leave the hospital, get their rental car and be on their way. Although, I will probably never see this family again, I am so thankful for the hours that God gave me with them. It isn't often that you are placed with like-minded company, but when it happens (even if for a short time) is is so sweet!!
I am so grateful that God chose me to help this family. I am also thankful that I listened to Him instead of ignoring Him and going on my merry way.
To my comfy hotel bed and TV.

merry way was so much better!

109 - Kind people...
The Neiman Marcus @ Millenia Mall in Orlando has some of the nicest employees! In this industry and season, people tend to be selfish and unhelpful to co-workers. But, at this location, every employee is helpful, considerate and just plain nice. What a great place to work. I'm thankful for every day that I get to spend at this store!

110 - Ginger...
During my pregnancy, I was addicted to Ginger. The baby arrived. The addiction hasn't left.
I love ginger.
I love the sweet, yet spicy taste. I love the flavor that it gives to chicken and rice. I love its semi-crunchy texture when used in my favorite Phad Ginger.
Ginger is a perfect example of not choosing a book by its cover. Ginger is not very pretty, but it makes up for it in yumminess!

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