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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

RAW(e) - pets and animals

Have you ever heard of RAW(e)?  It is quite cool.
Sami @ Sailor and Company chooses a different RAW(e) theme every week - You should make a note to check out her blog.  Or, better yet - just do it right now!
This week's theme was perfect for me - Pets and Animals.  I'm out of town- missing my family, my dogs and especially my sweet Maggie Mae.  Tonight, I spent some time looking for some pictures of my little girlie.  
Looking for a picture of her was sad, but fun.  (Thankfully, I only have my laptop with me, so I didn't have tons of pictures to look at!) When looking at them I cried, but I laughed even more.  She and I had such fun together!  So, here is one of my favorite pictures of my crazy little girl...
Blessings today:
  • A great group of girls who I was blessed to spend the last 2 days with - I love my job, but days like today make it that much better!  (360)
  • Pictures of Maggie Mae - such a great way to remember her fuzzy little face! (361)
  • My little one is having a BLAST with his cousins - knowing this throughout the day keeps me smiling. (362)
  • The way the sun shines when setting on the Pacific (363)
  • Crisp, ocean breeze (364)
  • A beautiful bungalow that I have been blessed to stay in for the past 2 nights (365)
  • a little box of chocolates, waiting patiently on my pillow... (366)


  1. Awww adorable!! I love the little pony tail! :)