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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Things I've figured out in the last hour I've been awake:

1.  The BEST way to wake up is to an alarm blaring the music from Ann Voskamp's blog.  It was the best .99 cents EVER spent at iTunes.

2.  I have one more day before my little one, sister and dad arrive!  Wahoo!!!

3.  I am going to join the 30-day giving challenge.  I've been wavering back and forth, mainly because I think that I am too busy.  Seriously, I think I'm to busy to give?  Yea, I need help.  Thus, I'm joining the 30-day challenge.  You should do it too.  With me.  We'll do it together and keep each other accountable.  

4.  I love it when my sister plays dress-up with my little one.  Fun pictures always follow.

5.  Spark is quite necessary in the morning.  I should make sure that I travel with enough for each morning that I will be away. Preferably in Mandarin Orange.

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