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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and...we're off!

Tomorrow morning I embark on one of my longest trips I've ever been on.  Correction, the longest trip I've ever been long as you don't count the near year long stint as a nanny in Chicago.
Thankfully, the little one and hubs will be able to travel with me for parts of the trip - and on the other parts, I'll at least get to be in cool places. {part of my trip is to H-town, which is pretty much like home to me}
I just need to remain calm.
This week is the most stressful - we are doing a pre-Oscars event in LA. Prayers for peace are greatly appreciated.  Then, off to see my little sister at Fort Bragg get PROMOTED.  I'm so proud of her and thankful for the sacrifices she has made to serve in the military. Then- San Jose, Denver, Edwards, Vail, Aspen, Barcelona {YEP - SPAIN!}, H-town and Charleston, New York and then the middle of APRIL

deep breaths.

Thankful for:
the way clouds dance across the sky
frequent flier miles
dry cleaning services
friends near and far...doesn't matter the distance, I'm never home anyways :)
a husband who braves a park full of Nannys to let the little one play
soft little baby feet
freeze dried green beans and beets
air conditioning...and the thermostat to turn it off.
My Davide Nevue album that I purchased on iTunes
the hourly chime on my wrist, re-aliging my day, every hour. (thank you, Ann Voskamp)
my paid registration to the In the Image of the Maker can't come soon enough!

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