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Saturday, July 2, 2011

the little one's 2nd Astros game

Last night, we were blessed to go to the Astros game with some amazing friends!  It was great to be able to hang out with them and we all enjoyed watching the little one mimic the ball players.  
During a break, the ball girls were throwing {soft} baseballs into the stands.  
The little one got on his daddy's shoulders and waved and waved, hoping to get a baseball. They threw some around our section, but not near us. Then, they moved on...but, one kind guy on the field noticed the little one and he pointed him out to another guy.  

They went and got a baseball from the girls and threw it directly to us!  

The little one couldn't have been happier!

Around the 4th inning, the little one wanted to we went on a stroll.  The stroll involved some shopping and we left with a {soft} bat, ball and glove.  For the next hour, we watched the little one play baseball while the boys watched the Astros score some runs.

It was a winning night for time with friends, the little one...and the 'stros! Yea!

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