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Sunday, September 13, 2009

tired. very tired. shall soon be asleep.

So, I did not post last night... Getting back into my work/commuting schedule might just do me in. Yesterday, I was grateful to be home. Grateful for such kind friends/customers. Mary Lou left a gift for Augustus. I missed seeing her while I was in the store, but feel so honored that she thought of Gus and I. Adorable clothes from Janie and Jack. Too Cute - and sizes for next year! What a sweet lady she is!

Morgan came in for a facial. She is doing well - opening her Yoga studio in a month! She is re-doing the studio - it is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to go do yoga there! Morgan also brought some more Imps and Elfs clothing for Gus. Yes, this means we now have the next size up in the fancy wrestling outfit! Go Gus! Plus, she brought a little swimsuit - too funny and too cute.

I shall soon take a picture of Gus in the swimsuit to save for future use. Maybe a graduation or wedding slideshow? What a mean mum I am! :)

So -to sum up. Grateful for Mary Lou(03), Morgan(04) and some really cute clothing (05), for a really cute Augustus(06), clothing that I would have never been able to afford...

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