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Saturday, September 12, 2009

998 to go...

Today was a long day. Well, now that I am looking at the clock I am realizing that I don't have a clue how today is going to be. whoops.

Yesterday was a long day. :) Worked all day while Augustus and Daniel were able to stay at home. Gus played with his feet and goofed off while Daniel worked hard to clean the house and corral the puddleducks. Gus, the 4 month old is such a slacker.

Was I grateful today?


Grateful for Leigh and her mom. Today, they came to the store from Lake Charles for facials with me. Leigh and I get along so well, she is very funny and gets my quirks. What a blessing - I got to spend an hour catching up on Leigh's life while doing my job. I am thankful for Leigh and pray that God's light will shine through me. I pray that she will come to love my Savior as I do...

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