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Monday, October 19, 2009

already at blessing 27...

Teaching myself to find the blessing and beauty in everything is hard work. It's easy to be thankful when I say my prayers or when something good happens, but being consciously grateful throughout the day is difficult. But, I will press on. I will find beauty and joy in the mundane!

Blessing 27 - living is an age where we are able to travel at over 300 miles an hour. No matter how often I fly, I'm still amazed to realize that I am drinking coke at 34,000 feet while flying through the air at over 300 miles an hour. wow.

Blessing 28 - clean, clear, crisp, sunny days. I love summer, but there is something surreal about a crisp autumn day. So clean - so clear - so sunny - yet, crisp and cool.
Today, my taxi driver decided to take a different route from Oklahoma City to Norman - no highways involved. Probably one of my favorite taxi rides ever! Riding on back roads, passing huge ranches and seeing the horses and cows enjoy the beautiful weather that God gave them is so peaceful. The sky seemed bluer, the grass greener and the animals - happy. josanna - blessed.

Blessing 29 - chocolate chip cookies - warm and fresh - awaiting my arrival at the hotel

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