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Thursday, October 29, 2009

blessings 35-40 (hotel version)

Blessing 35 - the HUGE amount of pillows that are on the bed

Blessing 36 - the miraculous way that the bed is made, the room is clean and my shampoo and conditioner are always full when I come home from work

Blessing 37 - wooden hangers. who wouldn't be grateful for wooden hangers?

Blessing 38 - wake-up calls. I need a phone at home that I can program to call and wake me in the morning.

Blessing 39 - I love how there are plugs all over the place - close to the bed. This allows me to charge my phone and computer while using them while IN bed!

Blessing 40 - free made-to order breakfasts. Hilton Garden Inns are my new favorite home away from home. Well, favorite right after the duck hotel...

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