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Friday, October 30, 2009

blessings 41-45 (Nashville Version)

Blessing 41 - Leaves rustling in the wind.
Don't think I ever really payed much attention to the sound, but today... wow. What an Awesome God I serve. I'm trying to learn to consciously see His blessings in the mundane, nitty, gritty, confusing thing we call life. I'm realizing that it is there - I just have to find it. The leaves rustling in the wind were amazing. Gently falling to the ground - all different colors. Like little birds - It was as if they were choreographed to move with the music on the Christian Radio station that I was listening to in the car. Probably the best red light I've ever been at...

Blessing 42 - Leaves changing color.

Yes - it has the same subject as the last blessing, but it deserves a blessing of its own. Growing up in Texas, you miss the changing colors. You see them in Calendars, tv shows, movies - but it is totally different to see in real life. Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Again - He is pretty awesome to create such fantastic scenery.

Blessing 43 - Fly Babies Store at the Nashville Airport.
What a fun little store. I love finding stuff for Gus and they had the perfect "little monster" hat for him! Can't wait to see him in it. (they also had a fun little onesie that I purchased - it will be fun to show gus' pops! :) Not sure if he will wear it out of the house, but it will be fun, nonetheless)

Blessing 44 - Neat parks and beautiful homes to gaze at after work...

Blessing 45 - An on-time flight with (as usual) always friendly attendants to get me quickly home to my baby Gus!

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