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Monday, November 16, 2009

grateful - Texas style

70. Highway access roads. Being able to get off, buy gas or a Dr.Pepper and return to the highway in just a few minutes is a lovely thing. We missed these in San Fran!
71. Crisp, clear, midnight-blue skies
72. Bright shiny stars in the above mentioned skies
73. Friendly strangers
74. Angus Cows. Contrary to popular advertising, I believe that they are happier in Texas
75. Little kids playing baseball
76. Southwest airlines
77. Steamy, spicy chili
78. Dublin Dr. Pepper (is there any other kind?)
79. Wind generator windmills. They are interesting to watch from an airplane.
80. Texas accents - they bring a smile to my face.

You should check out Ann Voskamp's blog today - what a beautiful reminder of why we should give thanks! Holy Experience

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