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Friday, November 13, 2009

gratefulness in California (59-69)

Jubilee and I are finally here! The LONG awaited trip to San Francisco is actually in progress. We flew in yesterday to San Fran, picked up our rental car and headed South. Carmel, Monterrey, Big Sur are just a few of the places that we will be visiting. Later today, we will head back to the city to explore, explore, explore!
I am grateful for:
59. the fact that I do not have to travel to SFO very often.
(although this city is very fun, the airport is not)

60. for clear, sunny skies
61. for rental cars
62. for GPS - even if it decides to not work at times
63. the way the sand feels when it squishes between your toes
64. the odd combination of Christmas trees near the beach
65. the smell of the Pacific
66. the ability to laugh at the strange hotel that we booked on Expedia
67. easily accessible grocery stores
68. big huge trees at the beach to climb on
69. the fact that babies r us' are located everywhere.
(very helpful when I leave half of the parts to my pump at home in the dishwasher)
70. funny strangers who are way too friendly

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