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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why the lists of blessings?

Every Wednesday, Ann Voskamp posts a spiritual practice that draws her nearer to His heart. She invites others to join in, sharing practices that are drawing them nearer to Him. I've enjoyed reading her posts, and this week I have decided to jump in...

For me, a spiritual practice that is bringing me closer to my Heavenly Father is actually my 1000 blessings list. The idea of being grateful each moment has kept me busy! I've been amazed at how it has helped to keep me in constant communication with Him. I am continually thanking Him and talking to Him. It has helped me to remain conscious of everything around me, conscious of the many, many ways He shows me His love...

After reading Ann's post, I am convicted that I need to start eating the Living Word at each meal. What an easy, yet effective way to "eat" and hide God's word in my heart - many times a day! I struggle with not eating meals correctly and just grabbing food when I think of it. I really think that this concept of eating "living bread" each time I eat might actually help me slow down and pay attention to what I am putting in both my mouth and my heart.

I'm excited about the idea of raising Augustus to follow in these steps. How neat for him to grow up and look at this behavior as normal. What a special practice - to make each day special.

What brings you closer to him? Join in for Walk with Him Wednesday!

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