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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A day in the bubble...

I love working in the bubble. (191)

Clean, pure air makes for a wonderful day at work!

Plus, I really like the funny looks that I get from customers as they walk by... (192)

I also love when stores set up a beautiful area for us to work in...I wish the picture did it justice. Hopefully, we will get better pictures on Friday. This is the best I could get from my phone.  It truly is a beautiful setup - this is just a sampling of how the area looks! (193)

Just a few other blessings from today:

birds flying above against the blue skies (194)
a sweet text from a friend (195)
dark chocolate (196)
yummy, sweet, crunchy carrots (197)

Only 3 more days before I get to go home to my baby boy...

- this was posted from my phone while I am away from home.

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