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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dry Skin - I'm not your fan

I hate itchy skin.  Actually, I'm not even a fan of dry skin.  Especially when it is located on my body.

My poor skin is longing to be itched, hydrated.  I know how to make my itchy skin go away.  I know that itching won't help.

But, tonight, my self-control is failing me.

At this rate, I might not have any skin left on my arms in the morning.

You'd think that I wouldn't have this problem, as I was not born yesterday.  I have had dry skin before.  (Like when I was on bedrest and itched scratches into my calves) Then again, let's forget that example.
I spend my days teaching others how to care for their skin.  How to treat dry skin.  How to avoid itchy, sandpaper feeling skin.

I know that I need to go put on body creme on my arms. I know that while I'm at it, I might as well do a glyco peel on my face seeing as how I'm not sure when the last time I did one was... I know that those simple steps would lead to less itchy skin on my arms and much smoother skin on my face in the morning.

Yet, I sit here and itch my arm because the body lotion is in the other room.  The glyco peels are in the bathroom.  Very, very far away.  So,  I sit here and type about my itchy dry skin.

Along with the itching, I'm working on my Project Life scrapbook.  Amazing idea.  Wonderful design.

If only it came with an Oompa-Loompa to put it all together.

I kept hoping for one to show up last month, which is probably why I just picked up my pictures from CVS yesterday.  Evidently,  the Oompa-Loompas are too busy, so I'm on my own.  Left to my own creativity, organization and time-management skills to put this thing together.

Yep.  Houston - we have a problem.

The good news?  It is not even the 15th of February and I have all of my January pictures cropped, printed AND picked up.  In addition, I already uploaded and edited 2 pictures for this week.

Wow. Sometimes,  I even amaze myself.

Want to see them?  Good.  Here they are!

The first one is my sweet son giving me the "Please hurry with the Black Beans and Guacamole, or I might make a loud noise inside this quiet Chipotle Mexican Grill" look.

The second one is of my sweet son looking up at his crazy Mummy who is trying to take a picture of him and his little elephant friend, Ramona - all while his father is driving down the road.  He can't quite understand where Mummy is appearing from...

I am so happy that my Heavenly Father loves me no matter how insane I am.  He tells me that He loves me on a constant basis.  My prayer is that I see and hear those messages instead of just being insane.  Today, He told me He loved me through:

  • A working car (blessing 216)
  • A sweet husband who drove me to work today (and stopped at Panera so that I could get a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel.  yum.  (blessing 217)
  • A wonderful son who giggles with the best of them (blessing 218)
  • My wonderful friends- Sandy, Yira and Mary Ann.  They make me laugh and they make going to work worthwhile. (blessing 219, 220, 221)
  • 4 dogs who are amazingly excited when I get home from work (blessing 222-226)
  • 2 Lungs that both worked without an inhaler today (blessing 227-228)
  • 2 Eyes that didn't itch (blessing 229-230)
  • A full tub of Body creme for arms that do itch. (blessing 231)
  • the crazy thing that is my skin.  Seriously - how could something so complex generate out of nothing?  Simply put, it couldn't.  But He could create it - and He did.  (blessing 232)

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  1. On the itchy skin - I feel ya. And I don't like lotion/creme. THe feel of it, greasy slimy. Ugh. And it just so happens that I have one child who daily deals with exzema, and two others who periodically do. But I have to go one step up, and do oil. Very slimy.