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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bright Colors for a Birthday Boy

Well, I did it.

I made the cake - The famous Rainbow Cake. 
I did it over a span of 2 weekends.  It was hard work. But, it was fun.

We started by baking the cakes on one weekend and then placing them in the freezer. 
Then, the weekend of his party, we took them out of the freezer and created the masterpiece. 
The leaning tower of cake masterpeice, that is.
I realized, once I started frosting it, that I should have sliced the cakes in half.  But, I didn't, so it was a very tall cake. 

Oh well.

Once I had it completely frosted, I realized that I was going to have to travel with this cake all the way into town. 
On a Sunday. 
Which meant driving all the way to Dad's church and then into the 'ville. 
About a 1.5 hour car ride in total. 
Keep in mind, this cake was ridiculously tall and held together with cream cheese frosting.  Butter, sugar, vanilla and then more butter do not make for a very solid "glue"
In fact, those ingredients, together with bumpy, dirt roads did not sound like a winning combination for getting the cake to the 'ville in one piece.. 
But, I pressed on, prayed ALOT and by God's grace, we made it into town in one piece.

After everyone arrived, we introduced the little one to his BIG birthday cake.  He was slightly amazed.  I'm thinking that his slight amazement was at the sparkler shooting off little pieces of fire, but oh well, at least he was amazed. 

*Side Note: On his actual birthday, we had a small get together at the lake.  We had cupcakes in honor of the little one.  He was less than amused.  He didn't seem to like the bright green frosting or the cake.  I'm thinking it is becuase they were store bought and the icing tasted like plastic.

This would not be a problem with his current birthday cake.  It consisted of lots of real butter, sugar, cream cheese and vanilla.  A winning combination, if I say so myself.  Anyway, I digress.

When we cut his rainbow cake, he loved all of the bright colors.
Then, I gave him a small bite. 

It was instantaneous.  This was his new BFF.

His eyes tell the story better than any words I could type. 
He found a new love and her name was Cream Cheese Frosting.

I'm so happy that he enjoyed his crazy cake made by his crazy mum.

Now, back to uncolored, organic foods for the little one. 
I'm hoping that he doesn't miss Cream Cheese Frosting...

Do you  think that this is a great cake idea?  You should hop over and see all of the other yummy, fun recipes that Amanda has on her site - I Am Baker.
Beware of checking out her site before grocery shopping, it might cause you to purchase much more than normal from the baking aisle.

But, as I know from experience.  The extra purchases are worth it.  :)

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