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Thursday, May 6, 2010

thankful for today...and tomorrow

I've been slacking on the listing of my daily blessings.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in the day to day, that I forget to take a moment to breathe and to see what God is doing for me at that moment.  I'm a work in progress.  I will continue to be a work in progress.  Working to become more like Him.

For tonight, I will  be thankful, despite my semi-grumpy attitude.  I'm having an awful allergy week, the next week of work is going to be stressful and I miss my little one.  He's at the ranch with my parents as I am traveling for work this week.

I am SO thankful for:

  • an amazing family who treats my little one as their own. (blessing 301)
  • My 2 youngest siblings are going to be rockin' parents.  They are some amazing kiddos!  I am so thankful for their great attitude and love that they show daily to my little one. (blessing 302)
  • lungs that work.  Nothing like a night like tonight to remind me how thankful I am to be able to breathe easily most of the time.  (blessing 303)
  • inhalers that work when lungs don't.  Whoever created this medicine should have won 2 Nobel prizes.  Ever see the asthma advertisement with the fish out of water?  Yea, I feel like that guy right now. (blessing 304)
  • my fingers and hands.  Right now, they hurt like crazy, but instead of being mad, I will continue to be thankful for them.  They provide for my family - putting food on the table and helpiung to get the bills paid off.  I am going to go to an accupuncturist, but until then and after, l will be thankful that I even have hands. (blessing 305)
  • for any moment that I get to spend with my little one. (blessing 306)
  • for my eyes.  As swollen and puffy as they are, I am able to use them to see most of the time.  I am thankful for my sight, even when it is a little blurred from my allergies. (blessing 307)
  • for the bright colors that show up with spring.  If I'm going to be miserable, what better to have than beautiful scenery to look at while I'm sneezing. (blessing 308)
  • for funny stories from my sister.  Tonight, she asked her 7 year old to bathe the dog.  The 7 year old happily obeyed and off she went to the backyard.  About 30 minutes later, she came back in the house, completely covered in mud.  My sister asked her what on earth happened...her reply?  "Mom, don't worry - the dog is clean."  Oh my, I love that little girl! (blessing 309)
  • brownies.  Nothing makes allergies temporarily go away better than a nice, chewy brownie.  (blessing 310)
  •  I LOVE being able to read my Bible and bookmark it on my computer, and then pull it up on my phone later in the day.  Technology rocks! (blessing 311) 
  • whole food - so excited that they are starting to show up everywhere.  They make eating while out of town much easier.  If only all of them would carry different types of quinoa in the ready-made section.  The whole foods in White Plains, NY spoiled me... (blessing 312)
I'm off to bed.  Up in about 5 hours to pack and then off to New Orleans.  Praying for a good, quick event the next few days...

PS.  I'm also REALLY thankful for my comfy bed!  :)  (blessing 313)

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