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Friday, May 21, 2010


Whoever thought up the idea of placing mini-hotel rooms inside the crazy, busy Atlanta Airport is a genius.  An absolute genius!
Last night, regardless of my efforts, I missed my flight to DC. Thankfully, there was another flight that they could get me on later that same night. So, there I was, with 2 1/2 hours to spend at the Atlanta airport. Definitely not on my fun list for the evening.
Airports are like little cities. They provide most of what a person would need for the few hours that they are present. I write most, because there I was, a nursing mum (sans baby) in desperate need of a place to pump.
Now, if I was at the OKC airport, this would not be a problem. They are prepared for a time such as this. They have a room, equipped with a drape and comfy chair, which are both perfectly placed next to an electrical outlet. To a nursing mum, this situation is as beautiful as a work of art!
Does the Atlanta airport have a similar situation? Yea, not so much.
They have plenty of outlets, but they are out in the open and that is just not a good combination for anyone's sanity.
So, I walk around, wondering what I can do to keep my mind off the fact that I really needed to have pumped about 30 minutes ago. As I'm walking around, I read the following sign:
I wonder to myself if I understood that name correctly.
Could there really be a suite that you could rent for a few mintues, located inside the terminal at the airport? I turn around and walk past it again. It looks like a minature hotel hallway. There are 3 employees at the desk, all sharply dressed, who are as kind and polite as possible.
I walk up to the counter and ask the cost. I'm not even sure why I asked, becuase before she could answer, my mind had already decided that I would soon be pumping in peace! She replied and as she was speaking, I say "ok, I will stay for an hour."
I figured that an hour was long enough. It would give me enough time to pump and really, I figured that I would go crazy in a small room for much longer than an hour. She just smiled and told me that if I changed my mind, and decided to stay longer, they could add the time later.
As I signed the charge slip, another sharply dressed employee calmly said "let me show you to your suite."
When she opend the door, I quickly realized that this was better that I had imagined. It was dim and cool. Quiet and serene. It had a place to lay down. It was spacious for a little place. Very cool, modern furniture. I quickly think to myself "Yea, I might need more than an hour..."
She showed me how to use the internet, TV and their "3 hour nap in 26 minutes" program.
I had no idea that there would be a huge HD flat screen TV, great earphones, free internet access, a pillow, comfy blanket and LOTS of outlets.  I was pleasantly surprised.
When I got to the airport and realized that I wasn't going to get on my original flight, I prayed for peace.  I didn't want to stress.  I remember praying for me to be cool with whatever happened.  The Minute Suites were an answer to prayer that I never expected.  My Heavenly Father is very cool like that!

Needless to say, I stayed longer.  1 hr, 45 minutes to be exact.  Enough time to pump, watch a full episode of NCIS, participate in their "3hr nap in 26 minute" program and get caught up on Twitter.  It was the best time that I have ever had at the Atlanta airport!

Today, I am thankful for:

  • Sunny weather while walking to work (329)
  • A sushi restaurant that delivers during lunch hours (330)
  • A sweet picture of baby Charlotte and her Mum, I'm so happy that both are healthy, happy and beautiful! (331)
  • My asthma inhaler - it makes eating peanuts doable. I know, the fact that I need an inhaler to eat peanuts should probably be my sign that I just shouldn't eat peanuts, but I'll tackle that another day. (332)
  • A hidden retreat in a crazy airport - with a comfy couch and pillow to rest my tired body.  (333)
  • USA Network - I just love that they play NCIS so often.  My little one and I bonded over NCIS while we were on bedrest (before he was born), so being able to watch it while I'm away, makes me feel at home, if only for a minute. (334)
  • My sister.  She has my little one this week and she loves him unbelieveably.  I know he is happy when he is with her and her precious girlies. (335)
  • Blue jean diapers - Haven't seen them yet, but my sister says that they are pretty funny.  And, I believe her.  She has some waiting for me when I get home. (336)
  • Clothes for the little one - on sale!  I found the cutest outfit for him to wear to my sister's wedding.  (337)

Now, I just need to keep working out so that I will fit into my blue dress at the wedding.  Then, we will be on the path to some great family pictures!  


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