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Sunday, May 23, 2010

my parents rock

So, here I am - 35,000 feet above the ground, surfing blogs.  Technology (for the most part) rocks.

I hopped over to my sisters blog and was really happy to see what she posted on my parents anniversary.  I haven't even given them their gift, since I have been traveling.  But, they currently have the little one, so seriously, could there be a better gift?  

Anyway - I wanted to share my favorite part of her post: 

"Thank you for struggling. Thank you for showing us that marriage is not effortless or without drama. I used to think that if couples didn't disagree, that meant they loved each other I know it just means they were on their second marriage or living a lie. Thank you for teaching us to be creative, loving, patient and devoted. Thank you for setting an example. "

Wow. I couldn't have said it better myself.  And, she pretty much hit it on the head about a few other things, but you have to click right here to read that funny part for yourself!  

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