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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sisters are cool

Last weekend, I was in Virginia for work.  My sister is currently at Ft Lee in Virginia.  This is a very good combination.
On Saturday, she drove up to the DC area to meet me when I got off from work.
It pretty much rocked.
What was so much fun is that it was just like normal.
We went to the mall.  We got pretzels and a coke to share. We walked around and complained to each other about how malls are too busy.  We commented about how we couldn't stay in certain stores because the population of half the world was shopping inside.  We spent too much time at H&M and after sending each other photo messages of outfits, finally ended up buying a few things.
She got her brows done and I stood around and took pictures of the ordeal.
We took pictures on our cellphones because we didn't have our cameras with us.
Then, we got semi-lost while trying to find a japanese restaurant.  We finally found it and ordered too much food. But, it was yummy and we had food to go.  (This food came in handy the next morning)
At 10pm, we were both tired.  So, we decided to drive into the city and see the Washington Memorial.  We drove around, crossed the wrong bridge, talked about all of the "other" crazy drivers and finally found a parking spot.  We walked to the Washington memorial, back through the Vietnam memorial, over to the Lincoln memorial (it is quite huge), all while wondering if the people walking behind us were going to attack us.  We both decided that we seriously have overly vivid imaginations and that we should probably just stop watching crime dramas in general.
The next morning we slept in, I gave her a facial, we ate our leftovers and got a late checkout.  She took me to Target and then to the airport.
It was such fun to simply hang with her like we used to do.  I miss those days.  But, I'm thankful for this weekend.  It was fun and I can't wait to do it again.

Getting to see my sis (338)
Being able to live in a country where I am free to worship as I please, thanks to some huge sacrifices by others (339)
The way the moonlight reflects off of water and looks so peaceful (340)
Raindrops on my face while walking around (341)
Pickled ginger - its just so yummy (342)
The way my little one stands up in the middle of the room and laughs for no reason at all (343)
My little one and his love of green beans (344)

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