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Friday, May 14, 2010

tonight -

the little one and I had a blast!  He and I are going to have such fun this weekend.  We are going to play, sleep, cook and shop.  We are also going to Aunt Jin's shower tomorrow - she is getting married in less than a month!

It is so hard to be away from him so often.  Tonight, when we were playing, I was noticing that his size and build have changed.  He's lost that "baby" look and is turning into a little kid.  I've spent my entire life talking about how "I am not a baby person" - but tonight, as I'm watching him zoom all over - there is a part of me that is missing the baby little one.

I think I missed the baby little one the most, when I watched him open a bathroom cabinet and try to empty it of its contents.  Grandma's house needs to be child proofed - like yesterday.

I baked him some sweet potatoes and squash tonight, he is such a fan of vegetables!  I also bought him a beet, but I haven't the slightest idea how to cook it.  I guess I will try and figure it out tomorrow...

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