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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cousins, pt 2

This is Frankie.  She is my sister's youngest daughter.  
She loves her Mimi and her Mommy.
She loves to make funny faces.
She loves to play outside
screaming and laughing
and overall, making me laugh.

My favorite thing about her?  Her heart - it makes me smile.

When the little one starts running around, the world will need to watch out.
Coming Soon - Cousins, part 3 featuring Frankie's older sister, Baby G!

runny noses and itchy eyes - reminders of the fun times we had outside (349)
the salty smell of the air right before a rain (350)
the way everything is in technicolor right before a storm (351)
window seats on a plane (352)
the sparkle in Frankie's eyes (353)
the way that Baby G watches out for and loves The Little One (354)

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  1. I love your blog header. Thanks for stopping by our blog.
    You're right. If you dont start now, when? I think that was the seed thought that started it all for us too.
    Many Blessings,