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Monday, September 27, 2010

this week . . . a praying week.

Last year, my dear husband was able to attend the Wild At Heart Boot Camp, a retreat offered by Ransomed Heart ministries.  I've written before about how we have learned a ton from this ministry and how thankful we are for them.
He loved his time at Boot Camp - it was a time to spend in nature, worshipping God with like-minded men. He loved the conversations that he had with the friends he made at boot camp, but mostly, he loved having a weekend - without distractions - to spend time with his Heavenly Father.
It was good for his soul.
This year, he has the opportunity to attend the Advanced Boot Camp.  He has been looking forward to it and was so excited when he received the e-mail that he had a slot available.
One little problem - money is really tight.  with really being the operative word.
But, we know that God is greater than the balance of our checkbook. or lack thereof...
Thankfully, because of all of the traveling that I do for work, we have a ticket for him to use to get to Colorado.  Now, we just need the money to buy the ticket to the retreat.
We are praying for the next 7 days, along with prayer partners at Ransomed Heart, that God will miraculously provide the funds.
Will you pray with us this week?  We'd really appreciate it!

Oh - and just for fun - a pic that has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but makes me smile:

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