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Monday, October 4, 2010

such good manners

My little one is such a gentleman.  
He loves to help. 
Currently, his favorite things are to sign the credit card machine and then to carry my bags for me.  
Now, if only I can get him to keep this habit as he grows up!

Thankful for:
  • 408. crisp, autumn days 
  • 409. crazy crows that come way to close for comfort 
  • 410. Magic pop rice cakes and the crazy machine that makes them. 
  • 411. the Pioneer Woman - without her recipes, my sister might starve to death
  • 412. the Pioneer Woman's meatballs - tonight my little one ate 5 - quite a feat for my little vegetarian.
  • 413. Club Soda - oh so fizzy, but NO sugar!  HA!
  • 414. an evening spent baking with my sister - it doesn't get much better!
  • 415. amazingly happy pictures that inspire me to teach the little one to throw leaves.                               See for yourself here.
  • 416. my baggage being returned by American Airlines - those 2 days without my luggage helped 417. to remind me that life can go on without all my stuff.
  • 418. Tuesday - its arrival means that I'll see my hubby in 3 days!

1 comment:

  1. My LO loves to vacuum. He gets it out, plugs it in, turns it on, and rolls it around. Granted, he's not tall enough to have it actually reach the floor, but I don't let that discourage him from feeling helpful. :D

    He also likes the cc machine. Though last time I was in WM, the cahier got really crabby about it (since it beeps, big whoop, it doesn't do anything when they push the buttons!!). I figure it keeps them entertained so not to sweat it.

    Oh, and I'm so dying to make PW's cinnamon rolls.