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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a weekend full of fun

This weekend, someone turned two.

Um, I totally did NOT authorize that.

But, I did authorize the ridiculously fun weekend that we had with our family!
No work, No hotels, No alarms.
Too much sugar, Too much sleep, Too much fun

Want a glimpse?

Sparkly Shoes #493
 Backseat Entertainment #494
 Sugar, Sugar, Sugar #495
Serious Painting #496
 and more sugar...
 more backseat entertainment
 camera phone Easter pics #497

We had lots of fun playing and hanging out!
We even had family in from Virginia - we were just having so much fun with them that the iPhone was MIA - which means the pictures are on Jimmy {the real camera, who doesn't travel with me for work}
So, you will have to wait to see those beauties!

Speaking of beauty...we also took a few senior pictures of a pretty fabulous little graduate!
Here's a sneak peek...

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