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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother's Day lesson

Thankful in all things. This is my goal.
Sometimes, it is really hard.  
I travel a lot for work, which means that I am away from my family quite a bit.  But, it is what I am called to do right now. 
I traveled home on Friday, knowing that I would leave again on Sunday.  Mother’s Day.  Not my favorite, but the option of leaving my home at 3am on Monday morning, didn’t seem much better.  So, on Mother’s day, I left for South Carolina.
I arrived in Charleston, picked up my bags and rental car, and headed out of the airport.  I was heading to Whole Foods to buy my food for the week.  I was bummed to be by myself.  I really wanted him to come on this trip with me.  But, I was heading to Whole Foods, one of my favorite places to shop.
I drove around the airport and was still on International Drive, when I became accutely aware of how thankful I was to be alone. I looked to the right to make sure it was safe to change lanes and when I looked back, everyone in front of me had stopped. 
I didn’t stop in time.
In an instant, I slammed on the brakes, heard a crash, saw the car in front of me become one with my rental car and heard what sounded like a gunshot.  My left hand slapped my face, my bag flew onto the dash and my foot kept pressing on the brake, although I was thoroughly stopped. 

Airbags hurt.
Thankfully, I was wearing my seatbelt. {grace}

Thankfully, my left hand was on the right side of the steering wheel, so my arm took the brunt of the impact from the airbag. {grace}
Thankfully, my arm withstood the force of the airbag and did not break. So, I can still perform my work duties this week {grace}
Thankfully, the man in the car I hit was not injured. {grace}
Thankfully, my little one was safe in Texas with his Mimi. {grace}
Thankfully, apart from some cuts and bruises, I am fine. {grace}
If it were up to me, my little one would have been with me. Thankfully, I have a Father who knows better.  I was sad to not be with my little one, but I would have been more sad for him to have been in the car with me.
  • My little sister Jenia sits very close to her steering wheel due to her itty-bitty-ness.  We have talked for months about her needed to get a new car or get her pedals extended.  We will stop talking about it this week.  It will happen.  Before Friday.
  • I have always known that it is bad for little ones to ride in the front seat.  I thought I knew why.  Now, I really know. Little ones shouldn’t have to deal with airbags.
  • My brothers sometimes question the use of seatbelts.  They “drive big trucks” and think they will be fine.  It doesn’t matter how big the truck is, the airbag still goes off in your face.  Seatbelts not only keep you in the car, but they keep you off the airbag.
  • My little one’s car seat has been known to be installed on the sides of the back seat from time to time.  He will be in the middle of the seat from now on...

Airbags are great things.  They are a great source of protection.  The plastic that covers them keeps them ready to protect.  But, when the airbag goes off, the plastic has to go somewhere.  It hurts when you get in the way.  It’s best to stay away from both if possible.
Sometimes, we have to learn hard lessons.  
Thankfully, my Father used Mother's Day to make me a more grateful daughter, a better, safer Mummy and a more {lovingly} forceful sister. 
My prayer is that my cuts and bruises will help to prevent others cuts and bruises.
Moral of the story:
Wear your seatbelt.
Don’t sit too close to the steering wheel.
Know that He always knows best.
Learn to recognize His grace in everything.


  1. scary! i was involved in a very similar incident in 2009. my 3 little ones were in the car with me when a minivan pounded us from behind at full speed. i had 2nd degree burns on my arm from the airbag when we were pushed into the car in front of us... but, i didn't hit the windshield, and, praise God, all of us walked away.

    thankful you are alright, and that no one was injured seriously.

    stopping over from multitude monday

  2. I'm SO sorry to hear what happened!! That's so scary, & I know what you mean about your little one not being with you! I'm glad you're (mostly) ok. Will be praying for you this week - I hurt a lot in the days that followed my accident.