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Monday, September 26, 2011

just a few things I love

clear, bright blue skies
fluffy, stark white clouds
storm clouds rolling in...and the breeze that tags along with them
ridiculously bright green grass
pictures of really cool starfish...purple ones...starfish that I hope to one day see IRL
velvety baby cows and their bossy mama's that keep me away
a silly, annoying donkey and his ignorance of our dislike of him
dogs who think they own the ranch
one specific dog who things he owns everything.  Well, everything except for that one specific little boy who thinks he owns the dog.
cackles and giggles from an unnamed little one while he harasses the aforementioned dog.
temperatures under 100
temperatures over 100 {as long as the humidity stays away}
air-conditioning. {on days when the humidity wants to stick around awhile. pun intended.}
laughter with my family

a rusty, but working tractor that we can all sit on and hang around while watching the storm clouds take over.
 the little one beating his own little drum
 the best youngest sister a gal could have
 the best youngest brother...who loves my little one no matter how many socks he wears
 my smiling Jahna Pali
glistening, beautiful storm clouds
 brothers and little ones playing and laughing until their guts hurt

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