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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I miss this little bear...

The dictonary on my computer defines Gratitude as 'the quality of being thankful"

not always so easy...when I'm missing this little bear.


I will continue to set my mind on the gifts He gives me.

Even when I am away from home and missing this little bear...

Beautiful Sunrise outside my hotel window... (150)
Friendly employees at the training I offered...  (151)
A sweet friend who took me to get my brows done... (152)
Nice brows... (153)
Some pretty amazing Ahi Tuna for dinner... (154)
More pictures of my little bear...he is full of smiles...playing with his Aunt and cousins... (155)
An amazing sister who loves on my little bear while I have to leave town for work... (156)
70 degree weather... (157)
Severely clear skies... (158)
A Heavenly Father who loves me unfathomably...even when I have a hard time recognizing his gifts.

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