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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lessons from my sister...

I returned home late last night. finally.
After a baggage fiasco at the airport, we were off to my sisters to pick up the little one.  He was pretty excited to see us!  I'm not sure that he was as excited as I was, but then again, he's been playing all week and I've been at work.

I hate not being able to be with him all of the time, but I know that there is a season for everything and right now, for this season, I will work.
I will work because it is what we need for our family right now.  I will work so that I can once again, come back home to hang with and love on my baby.

We learned last night from my sister that we don't know the first thing about packing the little one's overnight bag.  Evidently, we should be packing about 3 outfits a day, including socks.  We packed one outfit a day and some socks.  See, at home, he hangs out in a diaper, cute hat and baby legs most of the day.  Clothing just gets dirty, so we don't really mess with it.  Seems to work well for us, but when he goes to spend the night elsewhere - we will pack more clothing.
We will also pack more bibs, as all of his clothing was totally dirty.  Dirty to the point of humor,  I was laughing as I pre-treated the stains, trying to imagine all of the fun he must had messing up these clothes.
Thankfully, my sister doesn't mind shopping for babies, so when they ran out of clothes, she was able to rectify that issue with a quick trip to Target.

I'm thankful:
for a sister who loves my baby and watches him as he was her own. (159)
for nieces who love on an play with their cousin (160)
for time with my baby boy (161)
for warm chili, jalapeno cornbread and brownies (162)
that I have running water, both hot and cold - on such a cold day... (163)
to be able to sit in front of the fireplace and watch my husband yell at the football game.  and I'm thankful that I can chuckle, because I do not understand this activity at all!   (164)
for the ability to watch my little one grow - even if it is happening too fast! (165)


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