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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Last Week of 2009

We spent the last week at my parent's place.  Being with my family and my friends is one of my most favorite things!  The boys played games, shot guns, built massive fires, joked, ate yummy food and laughed.  The girls cooked, ate yummy food, made baby food, watched tv, hung out by the fireplace and then cooked some more.  It was glorious!

I never knew how much fun a Vita-Mix could be!  I found some baby food ideas on MckMama's website and I wanted to try them.  Mom was game, so we became Babyfood making fools!

I used Mom's Vita-Mix to grind Kidney Beans, Brown Rice, Lentils, Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Pinto Beans, Oatmeal and Navy Beans.  Mom had some 1976 Mason canning jars that my grandmother had saved for me, so we put them to good use!  Now, when I am out of town, all Daniel has to do is boil some water, mix in some of the bean powder and make a paste for the little one to slurp up!  See Jubie, my baby food does come in Jars!  :)

We also made some protein cubes for the little one - fresh spinach, prunes, kidney beans, oatmeal, egg yolk, yogurt, brown rice and flax seed oil.  Blended together, it makes a yummy green paste that the little one loves to eat and to dig his fingers into!

New Years Eve has always been a family favorite.  While others go to out, we stay home.  It is one of the few times of the year that I know my siblings will be there.  I know that we will hang out.  I know that we will laugh.  I know that it will be fun.

And it always is.

This year was no different.  While we missed our friends that were unable to make it, we enjoyed spending time with those that were there.  JP and NJ had decided to go out on their own, but shortly before midnight, they showed up stating that "It just isn't New Years, if we aren't at Mom and Dad's."

We took picures.  We watched the boys light fireworks.  We watched the boys act stupid.  We danced.  We froze.  We had FUN.

Here are just a few of my blessings last week:

Getting to spend time with friends and family. (134)
The way fireworks light up the sky.  (135) 
The little Hot Hands warmers. (136)(they rock my world)
My dad's crazy laugh. (137)
My mom's patience with all of us! (138)
Brenda's friendship and the funny things she says, such as telling the kids to "Stay out of control!" (139)
Texas Caviar. (140)
Smoke bombs (141) 
Spending time at the local Ace Harware store with my mom.  They have the coolest stuff!  (142)
Watching everyone's dogs run around like crazy.  (all 9 of them...) (143)

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