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Monday, January 25, 2010

Look out world, we have some crawlers!

My little guy and his cute cousin both started crawling this week.

Way too much fun for words.

I can't wait to get the two of them together again.  Last time they were together, he was 3 months old and she was 2 months old.  They weren't too sure of each other.  Well, he thought she was great, but she wasn't too sure about his crazy 3 month old ways.

Here is his cute little cousin showing off her mad crawling skills...

And here's the little guy - crawling to his Mum...

He's enjoying the freedom of running crawling loose around the house.

The dogs are quickly learning to hide.

He's also enjoying his new Supercape and Crown from Fancy Pants Kids.  They have some of the cutest costumes I have ever seen!  He is going to enjoy wearing them for YEARS!  I know this because they are so well made that they will withstand years of his little imagination.  By the way, I am already loving his little imagination.

His Supercape is cool, soft, breathable, quick-drying and stain resistant.  The collar is great because it helps keep the cape on him as he zooms down the hallway...

As you can see in the picture, it has elastic wristbands Superloops to hold it on to his arms. Or, as they so eloquently put it on their website "Superloops allow superheroes to maximize their wingspan and catch more air!"  Just perfect for when he gets a little bigger and wants to wave his arms and his cape around.  He has a matching crown that has an adjustable band, so it comes ready to grown with him.

Now, his mum just needs to save up her money to buy him the dragon tails.  The coolest costume accessory around, at least according to his mum...

I'm thinking I will need a matching pair of dragon tails...He will need someone to play with...

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