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Sunday, January 17, 2010

priceless blessings...

bAbY VeRsIoN:
  • yummy homemade organic baby food (173)
  • how my sweet baby boy squeals with delight when food is near (174)
  • baby food smeared everywhere  - including those adorable chubby cheeks (175)
  • fun laughing and splashes in the bath (176)
  • the amazing powers of Biz laundy additive = clothes survive baby food explosion (177)
HoMe VeRsIoN:
  • the sound of a working air purifier, cleaning our air while the furnace and ac is out... (178)
  • the sound of the wind blowing through the marina (179)
  • the smell of peppermint and basil as the dogs run through the flowerbed (180)
  Thankful for every day with this happy boy...

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