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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Barcelona. part one

Well, I finally made it to Barcelona on Sunday. (blessing 265)  The flights were as great as could be - minus the massive sinus problems that I got on the plane with, and that increased as we continued to travel.

I spent the amazingly beautiful Sunday afternoon walking around Barcelona, taking as many pictures as I could. (blessing 266)  My hotel is in the same area as last time (blessing 267), so thankfully I (kinda) knew my way around.  I visited one of the Gaudi buildings and took pictures.  His buildings are amazing.  My card reader is having jet lag issues, so it is too tired to work right now.  I'm hoping that it will start working soon.

I also found one of the many Cathedrals that we visited last time.  When I walked in this time, things were much different.  They were having mass.  It was unbelievable. (blessing 268) The way the music and voices sounded in that incredibly old building would knock your socks off.  Soon enough, you will see pictures of the cathedral, although the pictures won't even begin to explain what I heard...

The rest of the week is training.  I'm hoping to slip in a little bit more sightseeing at night.  I'm still not quite adjusted to the time change.  I figure that will happen about the time I board the plane to fly home.

Will post more when I am able, hopefully next time with pics!

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  1. I love Spain. Did I mention I love Spain? I REALLY love Spain. Enjoy, and kiss the ground a bit for me (ok, I'll be happy with 'in your imagination'.) I really love Spain. (Though, admittedly I'm a Madrid girl, but I certainly wouldn't complain about being plopped in Barecelona.) :D Have a good time, working or not.