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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

home again.

Tonight, I cooked lasagna, washed and folded clothes, read a few blogs and bathed an adorable little one.

It was glorious. 

He has grown so much in the past 3 weeks.  I've been traveling for work and he has been traveling to Camp Mimi and Camp Jinon.  He has had so much fun - playing with the kids and watching Mimi run around taking care of him.  He has loved it.

Today, when the car pulled into the driveway and I walked up to the car to get my baby, I saw the biggest smile.  ever.  He was in his car seat and had somehow grabbed the box of cookies from his diaperbag.  He had then ripped the box open and proceeded to feed cookies to himself.  Somehow, he did all of this without making enought noise for Jubie or Jed to hear... When I opened the door, I'm not sure if he was that happy to see me, or if he was just proud that he had managed to find the cookies and feed himself. Either way, he was happy and grinning ear to ear. 

Oh, how I've missed that smile.

We spent the day playing, laughing, crawling and eating.  He played hard all day.  Tonight, I am getting ready to go to sleep and my baby is in the room next to me.  This is how it should be.  I love that he will be with me most of the next 3 weeks.  What fun we will have!  We will be planning his first birthday party as well - I just can't believe that he will be 1 year old in a month.  wow.

I had a great time in Barcelona.  I learned a lot. I have pictures and I'll upload them as soon as I have time.   But, as for right now, I am happy to be back home with my little one.  I've missed him so...

I am blesssed to have a Heavenly Father who loves me more than anything.  I am so thankful for the ways that He shows me His love on a daily basis...

Tonight, I read one of my favorite blogs, and as usual, it struck me. There is just something about Ann's writing that captures me.  It stops me in my tracks.  Tonight, it reminded me once again, that everything that God gives me is for joy.  I just need to re-direct my thoughts to find the joy.  It is there.  It has always been there. Are you wondering what on earth I mean? 
Visit Ann's blog and see for yourself... Once you visit and spend some time reading, you will not be the same.

Here are my blessings/joy from today:
Blessing 269 - Spiky, blonde hair on an adorable little boy's head
Blessing 270 - Bouncy, fluffy puppies who haven't a care in the world
Blessing 271 - Painted toenails
Blessing 272 - My brother's sense of humour
Blessing 273 - The warm sunshine on a cool day
Blessing 274 - A jogging stroller with working tires
Blessing 275 - Gummed teething biscuits all over the highchair
Blessing 276 - A smiling boy full from too many cookies
Blessing 277 - Sticky, gummy, chubby, adorable fingers
Blessing 278 - The crawling speed of a 10 month old
Blessing 279 - hangnails.  what a small pain, compared to what He endured for me...
Blessing 280 - Homemade garlic bread.
Blessing 281 - Travels that brought me back home quickly and safely.

holy experience

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  1. What a beautiful list full of the ordinarily miraculousness that envelopes the world of childhood.