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Monday, March 8, 2010

I don't enjoy (anyone) being sick

After missing my scheduled flight on Saturday, thanks to some beautiful traffic in New Jersey, I was able to get on a later flight.  The later flight did not get me to Houston until after midnight, but at least it got me there.  I finally got to the house around 1:30am.

The little one was sleeping, but I could hear his coughs.  Deep, icky coughs.  It made me sad.  When I heard him start rustling around, I went and got him and put him in bed with us.  I had missed that squishy little kidling.  He slept and coughed and nursed and coughed.  Minus the coughing, it was pretty great.

Sunday morning, the little one and I stayed home from church.  Didn't think that my little hacking one needed to contaminate the building.  It seems that my lungs were concerned that the little one was feeling left out.  So, some of those little green creatures that you see in the Mucinex commercials moved into my lungs.  I think that they have decided to take up residence.  I'm not very happy about that plan.

There we were, the 2 of us, coughing and laughing and tickling and coughing.  Singing and sleeping and coughing.  Coughing and coughing and coughing.  You get the point.

Today is Monday and we are still home with the icky coughs and low-grade fevers.  It makes me so sad when I can't "fix" his sickness.  He plays and crawls around, but you can see in his eyes that he just doesn't feel very well.  It is just not fun.

 This is absolutely how I wanted to spend my 2 days home and off from work.  Well, I did want to spend them playing with the little one, I was just hoping that we would not be sick.  Oh well, I guess I would prefer to be sick and together than to be well and apart.

I leave Wednesday for Colorado.  I come home late Friday.  I leave Saturday for Spain. I come back 7 days later.  To some, it sounds like fun.  World traveling looks fun, until you realize that you will be far away from your family and will be working long days.  I'm so ready to spend an entire week working in Texas.  Sleeping at home with my family.  Cuddling with my little one every night.  That week will come, I just pray it comes quickly.

I know that this is the plan God has for us right now.  I also know in my heart that this is not His long term plan.  I will be able to be home with my kids.  I will be able to teach them at home.  These things will happen, I just need to be patient and continue working hard.  To help get our bills paid.  To help get us to a place that we can afford for my husband to continue working at the church and for me to come home.  Again, I know it will happen.  I just wish I knew when.

I also wish I knew when the Mucinex spokescreatures will move out of my lungs.  I'm contemplating giving them an eviction notice if they are still there in the morning.

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