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Friday, March 5, 2010

you need to look at these pictures...

 but, they aren't on my website.

They are beautiful.

It is worth the time to click...

In them you will see love.

You will see happiness (even under adversity)

You will see joy.

You will see hope.

You will see kids who need YOUR help.

It doesn't cost much.

But, the rewards are totally worth it.

How do I know the rewards are worth it?

Because for the past 3 years, we have benefited from letters from a sweet girl named Ayu.  Letters of joy, happiness, love and hope.  Letters that I anxiously anticipate the arrival of and can't wait to read when they do arrive.  Letters of how her life is going and how she loves to play, learn, work and how she loves learning about the Lord.

If you know us well, and know how tight money is, you might wonder how we are able to afford to do this...  Well, it was an easy decision - we gave up Starbucks.  After the decision was made, the actual giving up was a little bit harder, but seriously - did we need Starbucks more than she needed to be sponsored?

uh, NO.

Hop over to MckMama's blog to see what I'm talking about...


  1. I know it tugs at your heart and puts things in perspective right!

  2. it is something to see, isn't it? we have been to honduras and congo and both times saw things like that. it is heartbreaking but a part of our world and something we can all do something about one child at a time.