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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Beautiful, serene, sunny, crisp, and calm are just a few words that could describe my morning...

Today, I spent the morning playing with my little one and accomplishing quite a bit of work - all at the same time.  I love it when we are able to hang out together!  He enjoyed climbing into my suitcase and pulling everything out just as quickly as I was able to pack it back in...  oh well.  His giggle and smile made packing over 15 times totally worth it!
I am so happy to see the sun today - it has been cloudy and cold for too long.  I live in the South, near the Gulf of Mexico, it is not supposed to be sooo cold.

In addition to playing and working, the little one and I walked around outside.  We laughed at the ducks, and I enjoyed listening to the boats chime as the water bounced them around.  
There is just something about the sound of the marina (blessing 258), mixed with the sound of my wood chime (blessing 259), to make me forget that I am leaving for a week.  

For just a few moments, it was perfect.

And, now I am off to finish packing before he wakes from his nap.  I am leaving today for a trip to New York and New Jersey.  I am going to try and eat dinner one night in CT,  since I will have a rental car! (blessing 260)  
Just to say I've been there...

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