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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Texas, that's where I'm from...

Today, my list of blessings comes from my customers.  It involves quiet laughter, in my head.  And lots of it.

I started off the morning watching Walker, Texas Ranger while getting ready for work.  It was about some bad guys who were digging up old Indian burial grounds and stealing the artifacts.  They were not putting the artifacts in a museum, but selling them.  It was mean and awful.  I was so sad to see them do it.  Thankfully, the bad guys were caught, but you probably knew that, right about the time you read Walker, Texas Ranger.

Yes, I know it was just a TV show.  But, I'm alone in my hotel room and that just tends to bring whatever I am watching to life.

Anyway - it got me thinking about what people must think about Texas when they watch this show.  I know it is an older show, but it still had quite a bit of cowboy boots, hats, horses, Indians and pow-wows.  I laughed to myself thinking that it would be funny if people outside of Texas thought that was normal.  But, I'm sure that they don't.

Then, I got to work.

My first customer was a delightful girl.  She talked about the weather being crazy, and I figured today was another normal day of conversing with customers at work.

Then, the next customer arrived.

My second customer said that she was SHOCKED to hear that I was from Texas.  I capitalize the letters because she was very loud when saying it.  She really couldn't seem to believe that I was from Texas.  She was sure that I must have just moved there, as I do not have a southern accent.  To her defense, I did a short stint as a nanny in Chicago and I did lose a little bit of my accent.  I guess that I should said the words; pie, eye, and ice during the facial.  Those tend to sound very southern when they leave my mouth.  (blessing 261)

My fourth customer actually asked why I didn't have boots on - she said that she figured since I was from Texas, I "would for sure wear cowboy boots."  Then, later in the facial, out of the clear blue, she asked how many horses I had.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that not all Texans have horses, so I told her that I had one.  My parents have a few, so I'm claiming one of theirs. (blessing 262)

And my favorite:

My seventh customer asked me how I liked New York. She asked if it was different to see so many buildings.  Seriously people, I live in HOUSTON.  The fourth largest city in the US.  Although it is not New York, we do have a building or two.  And, some of them are even tall.  Then, at the end, came my favorite quote of the day.  When she was leaving, she said "Have Happy, safe travels.  Oh wait, you're from Texas.  Happy Trails, then." (blessing 263)

Yep.  I rode on a stagecoach all the way here.  I even paid for my ride with gold, cause that's the currency we use in Texas.

Oh, and another blessing from today?  For some strange reason, my favorite groceries at Whole Foods are cheaper here in New York.  I love strange, little surprises.  (blessing 264)

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  1. Haha. That's totally hilarious. And NY'ers thing they're cultured. Yes, there is civilization outside Manhattan. LOL. It's like thinking people in Alaska all live in igloos. I used to live in TX (Houston, even) when I was 4, we moved when I was 8. BUt I do distincly remember buildings, and NO horses. THough, I DO remember run-ins (not mine) with cotton mouths - during the floods - and armadillos. Love those little guys. (the armadillos, not snakes) :D