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Sunday, April 25, 2010

and now he's one...

yeppers.  you read right.  the kidlet, munchkin, HRH is now ONE!!

Not sure how on earth this past year went by so fast, but it did.  And, what a ride it was...

This time last year, I was lying in a hospital bed while my kiddo was 2 floors above in the local NICU.  He was tanning himself and taking his own time deciding if he wanted to eat. I was sleeping.  We were both hooked up to a lot of tubes and wires.  I was praying to never take blood pressure medicine and I think he was praying that his previous 8 hours be a bad, bad dream.

The blood pressure meds were not required again and the kidlet realized what a great gig he had outside my body.  He was enamored with what a great mum God had supplied him with and he was so excited to hurry up and get home. (a slight exaggeration might have just taken place)
Today, we celebrated with family and friends.  We will continue the celebration through next Sunday.  Extended celebrations are a benefit of huge families.  We like to make sure everyone is involved, which can take a few weeks.  I enjoyed watching my little one turn his nose up at the cupcake.  I think he was confused at the bright, neon green frosting.  He looked at me as if to say "that is not a normal color for food" - I love that he eats healthy vegetables and questions the fake icing.  Good job kid!

Pictures will be posted tomorrow.  For now, you will just have to accept the fact that I left my computer charger in Dallas and am having to use my husbands pc.  Due to the fact that I use a mac and don't have the right cards, I will need to wait until tomorrow to get my pictures uploaded.

I'm off to bed, before my son gets up from bed and tells me that he has purchased a car and is moving out.  He is growing so quickly, I'm hoping that my Jenia gets down here to see him before he is old and has to move to an assisted living location.


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