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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crocs might not always be the best option

When I travel, I like to travel light.

I already have to take all of my supplies for work, a large breast pump and my own bag.  Since baggage fees are super expensive, (unless I am lucky enough to be booked on a Southwest Airlines flight) I try to carry on my bag.  Therefore, I try to not take more than will fit in that bag.

This means that coats and shoes are normally left at home.  I figure that I will be indoors most of the time, so it should be fine.  I can deal with the elements a little bit at a time.  I was in New York last week and this plan worked out really well.

Then, I traveled to Aspen.

It is cold in Aspen.  And snowy.

I thought I knew what that meant.  Until I woke up my first morning here.

I did not realize that I needed to build time into my schedule to "find" my car.  It was covered in snow.  Real, white, fluffy snow.  I need to offer that description because in Texas, snow is crunchy.  Anyway, I walked outside and saw that my car was covered in snow.  While walking to my car, I realized that I probably should have worn different shoes.  I wear ballerina style crocs 80% of my life.  I normally wear these without socks.  This was a very bad decision for Aspen.  By the time I reached my car, my feet and pants legs were soaking.

Here is a picture of my foot.

next time - I'll pack according to

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