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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

tonight I WILL be thankful.

Tonight, I'm inclined to be grumpy.  My baby is at my parents, my husband is working out of town, my dogs are also with my parents and I am by myself.  
Not my idea of fun. 
This is about the time that my husband gets confused.  He doesn't understand why I don't like being alone when I do enjoy doing things on my own as long as others are around.  
Weird, I know. I blame it on the big family I grew up in.
I love to have people around.  I love the noises of a busy home.  I love the feel of many people doing their own thing in the same area.  I love it because it is normal to me.  For most of my life I have equated quiet with the following questions. "Where are the kids?  What are they doing?  Why are they being quiet? "  Quiet was a BAD sign at our home!

So, I prefer the noise of having others around.  That being said, once they are around, I prefer for us to all do our own thing.  I'm not such a fan of having to chit chat or answer tons of questions.  My husband on the other hand, loves to talk.  We are still working on this little area...

Instead of being grumpy (and slightly frightened from the darkness of night combined with a silent home) I am going to think of what I have been blessed with this week.  I am also currently turning up the 2 tvs and the radio in this house.  Noise is noise, right?

Blessings this week:
  • A little one who is happy at his Mimi and Papa Joe's home. (289)
  • My amazing parents - although they both have full time jobs and are both working on Master's degree programs, they are there at a moments notice to help watch my little one.  They add him into their day and just continue on as normal.  No stress, no comments to me that this might affect their day, no mention of how they would love to help, but that they are too busy.  Just a simple, "whatever you need, we will help."  I can't begin to explain how blessed I am to have parents that are able to do this...  I hope that I am as helpful and calm a parent as they are to me! (290-291)
  • A little one who is beginning to babble like crazy.  It is just too much fun to listen to him ramble on and on.  (292)
  • A smooth work week.  My training this week went on without a hitch.  This was totally an act of God and I am thankful beyond words. (293)
  • A brother and sister who are amazingly helpful with my little one and my puddleducks.  They help to make my life possible. (294-295)
  • The knowledge that God knows where we will live in 2 weeks, in 2 months and in 2 years. (296)  Since I do not know the answer to any of them, I am so happy to know that HE knows.  And, I know that HE will let me know, when HE sees fit.  (I'm currently praying for patience and peace with this subject)  Although I know that HE knows, I still have to remind myself about 50 trillion times a day.  I so badly want us to have a place of our own, to have a bedroom that I can decorate for my sweet little one.  This will happen.  In His timing.  I will be patient and I will trust in Him.
  • Only 2 more months before my hubs will be eligible for Health Ins. (297)
  • Snow Leopard Upgrade disk.  Macs rock my world.  (298)
  • Pony Tail Holders.  Need I say more? (299)
  • Sweet Tea - such a wonderful concoction.  Seriously one of the best drinks ever. (300)

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  1. What a wonderful idea to list blessing really hits you how blessed you are. Sweet tea...well, it is the best! :-) Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea! I will start today.