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Thursday, May 6, 2010

allergies, please go away

I would really appreciate it if my allergies would go far, far away. 

I thought that if I went far, far away maybe my allergies wouldn't follow.  I was wrong.  Tonight, I'm sitting in my hotel room trying to leave my eyes alone.  For me, allergies make my skin, nose, face, and eyes itch.  I can deal with everything but the eyes.  Oh, the eyes...

This is not anything new for me.  I've always had these allergies.  As a child, I was once escorted out of school and my mom had to come pick me up becuase they were positive that I had pink eye.  Nope, just allergies.  I normally wait until they are too much to handle and then I am of to the doctor for steroid shots.

What makes this time so different is that my little one is still nursing.  Steroid shots and nursing is not a good combination.  So, no shots for this mum.  Oy vey!

I've received some great suggestions and am currently trying all of them.  I've also resorted to drinking grape synergy - it seems to have helped with allergies in the past.  It took me a while to acquire the taste, but I'll learn to like anything that makes me feel, breathe and see better. If only they made a Dr. Pepper flavored version! 

Oh well.  I will keep trying new things and will stay away from the shots.  If breastfeeding will help my little one not have asthma and allergies like me, then I'll do whatever it takes to keep it up!

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