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Monday, August 2, 2010

the little one looses his locks

It was time.
He had such beautiful golden locks.  A little too beautiful.  My mom and sister kept telling me that I should get his hair cut, but I resisted...for awhile.  Until he kept waking from his naps with knots in his hair.
I'm the mum of a boy.  I shouldn't have to comb tangles out of his hair.  So, off we went to find a cool place for his very first (of many) haircuts.
And we found one...Snip-its
A very cool haircut place for very cool kids.  My kiddo fit the bill.  An adorable kid with too much hair.  I'm not biased at all...
He was such a good sport.  Calmly allowing her to put the green "super cape" on him.  Until, he decided that things were more "super" without the cape.
Calmly allowing her to snip off little locks of his hair.  Until, he realized that she was using scissors.  Yep, scissors. Near his head.
After a short stare-down, the little one decided that she could finish his haircut.  When she was finished, she gave the little one a card to put in the machine.  When he put it in, the machine made a loud sound and spit out a toy.  At first, he wasn't sure what he thought about that machine, but when the toy came flying out, he immediately became a fan!  She also gave him a certificate and little baggie filled with his locks.  He was totally unimpressed with that gift, but him mummy was very grateful!
The little one - sans blonde, curly locks.  His mummy is definitely a fan.

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  1. How adorable! I remember my 1st kiddo's haircut...I waited awhile too! Such a fun milestone.